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Corrections, updates and amplifications since the first edition:

The first edition contained errors and omissions for which I sincerely apologize.  The errors are mine.  The publisher and I are working to correct them in future printings.  -- BBGC

Page 71, Paragraph 4: Major Rex, not Major Ward was the company commander.

Page 71, Paragraph 5: Should read Major Rex, not Major Ward.

Page 117, Paragraph 5: At the time of his death, we were still awaiting word on upgrading Jim Perry's Bronze Star to the Silver Star.  After his death it was upgraded and presented to his family at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  See here for the story. 

Page 118, Paragraph 1: In 2007, the Black Cat leadership recommended L/CPL Brittingham for the Bronze Star with V for valor.  Brittingham is a physician and retired Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. 

Page 157, footnote 5:
Perry's Bronze Star was upgraded to the Silver Star.